Pace Collection Cocktail Table

These tables are made from high quality polished glass and very heavy solid brass fittings. Available in several sizes. The Pace Collection was a high-end contemporary furniture company in business from the 1970s to 2001. The company was founded in the early 1970s by Irving and Leon Rosen in New York City . The first showroom was located in mid-Manhattan on East 62nd Street to offer its fine furniture and services to the contract interior design trade. The Pace Collection line of desks, tables and cabinets was distinguished by the unique Rosen style employing rich, exotic wood veneers having high-gloss finishes with polished and chrome plated trim. The Rosens patented many of their designs, but some of their designs were not granted patents. The Pace Collection also offered its own line of chairs, sofas, shelves and accessories. In 1985, the Rosens commissioned New York architect Steven Holl to design a new showroom. This showroom, which opened in 1986, was located on the corner of Madison Avenue and East 72nd Street. Holl received the American Institute of Architects (AIA) award for best architectural design in New York in 1986 for the new Pace Collection showroom The desks, tables, cabinets and other case goods were hand-made by Glendale Furniture, Inc. in Glendale, New York. The finished pieces were then shipped to The Pace Collection warehouse in Long Island City. When the furniture pieces were ordered by the interior designers or architects, they were shipped from the warehouse to the location specified by the client. All pieces were essentially custom made to order and therefore not mass produced. Production figures of the furniture were known only to the Rosens, but the prices reflected the hand craftsmanship and the very limited production. The furniture in The Pace Collection appealed to a very elite clientele

Origin: American

Circa: 1970's

Height: 16in.

Width: 56.5in.

Depth: 28in.

Price: ON HOLD!!!

Material: Star fire glass and brass

Creator: Pace collection